• 3-Step Process
  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Ports
  • Accessories
  • Packaging

A 3-Step Quick Run Process

  • The Idea

    All it takes is an idea. Our USB experts are 24/7 ready to discuss your custom design and provide you with FREE 2D preview, that will walk you through the entire process. Send us your design for free quotation.

  • Mockup and Live Sample

    Once your mock-up has been received, we can discuss any changes and alterations that will need to be made. Once this design has been approved, a live sample can be produced for your final approval.

  • Production

    The entire process can only take 3 days to produce (depend on complexity and the size of the order), for more accurate lead times contact USB Makers will be able to give you a better idea on lead times.

Custom Printing Options for External Decoration

  • Laser Engraving
  • Embossing
  • Full Color Printing
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • UV Printing

Laser Engraving

Our engravers always make an extremely accurate reproduction of your desired graphics. Especially attractive is the engraving on wooden USB keys, where the laser leaves a gently burned trail and ensures a rustic look.

Your Benefits:

  • Extremely precise
  • The graphics cannot be removed or erased
  • A relatively affordable method, especially for smaller batches
  • Graphics can also be touched - 3D layout


Your required pattern can be raised or in relief, depending on how it is embossed. Embossing involves the creation of an impression by placing the dies in contact with the stock under high pressure.

Your Benefits:

  • Creates a 3D design that pops from surface
  • Easier to apply foil stamping to an embossed design
  • Better for custom stationary promotional products
  • Embossing-usb-drives1
  • Embossing-usb-drives2
  • Embossing-usb-drives3
  • Embossing-usb-drives4

Full Color Printing

Full color printing can only be achieved on a small amount of USB Styles, the most paramount of styles is the USB Credit Card Style. Complex designs or logos can benefit from having a full color image printed on both sides enabling total control over your brands corporate logo colors.

Your Benefits:

  • Edge-to-edge image printing
  • Gradient color can be printed
  • Quick turn and short run printing method
  • s03-Full Color Printing1
  • s03-Full Color Printing2
  • s03-Full Color Printing3

Silkscreen Printing

Provides you with the exact color results you are looking for and makes your logo appear vibrant and bold. We can silkscreen most of our USB sticks and packaging solutions, though we recommend it for logos using solid, single color layouts.

Your Benefits:

  • Economical and more productive
  • Perfect for many types of surfaces, like metals, plastic, silicone.
  • Water-pressure resistant
  • s03-Silkscreen Printing1
  • s03-Silkscreen Printing2
  • s03-Silkscreen Printing3
  • s03-Silkscreen Printing4

UV Printing

UV Printing makes complex full color design possible. UV printing works in a similar way as inkjet printing except that UV rays are used to dry the ink as it is applied to the surface. It can print designs in full color including color gradients.

Your Benefits:

  • No solvents are being released into the air - better for the environment
  • High resolution graphics
  • s03-UV1
  • s03-UV2
  • s03-UV3

Bring Your Custom Shaped USB Drive to Life

Plastic molding for custom usb drives

The possibilities are extremely large and varied: miniature truck USB, tooth-shaped USB, dolphin-shaped USB, heart-shaped USB... We actually mold your 2D or 3D shape made from metal, plastic, rubber and even wood.

The wide diversity of USB body types benefits from our in-house plastic molding service, in reasonable molding and unit costs. Need mockup and samples? Work with MeetUSB company to transform your product into a memory stick that you can use for promotional or marketing campaigns!

Custom Ports for Any Devices

Interface: 2.0/3.0/3.1

Dive into the next generation of flash drive. We carry custom USBs that have customized ports: most common USB port, Micro USB port, Lightning Port and Type C port connector.

You will find these drives to be quite useful whether you need to access large-sized media files or to make crucial media backups on daily used devices where Internet connection might be costly, too slow or simply unavailable.

  • Custom usb drive usbpro port
    USB Port
  • Custom usb drive microusb port
    Micro USB Port
  • Custom usb drive lightning port
    Lightning Port
  • Custom usb drive type c port
    Type C Port

Accessories for USB Flash Drives

Make it easier for clients to keep your USB forever and ever. We can’t condone super-gluing your flash drive to your customers, but we’ve still got a lot of great options to get that USB attached.

If you’re looking to drive some additional brand awareness, consider some of our customizable USB accessories. We carry custom screen printed lanyards and key chains. Custom lanyards are perfect for trade shows and corporate events. The large surface area allows you to prominently showcase your company color and logo in a non-discreet manner.

Branded Promotional Packaging

As a custom packaging manufacturer, MeetUSB has taken our luxury technique to the next level, creating high-end USB flash drive packaging.

Many of our packaging options can be branded with your logo or a special message. And some can even be individualized to address your audience more personally, to offer heightened exposure at trade shows and expos.

Need a two piece USB box with soft touch lamination? Or a binder fit with custom flash drives? Let MeetUSB packaging turn a simple USB drive into a product launch kit your clients will never forget.

  • Curve-Wooden-Box
  • Gift-Box
  • Plastic-Box
  • Tin-Box-with-Window

Instant One-Stop USB Drives Solutions

On-Time and On-Budget