Promotional Tool in All Commercial Events

USB drives are invaluable tools during commercial events since attendees can store presentations, notes, and other important files. Guests at your commercial events will appreciate MeetUSB custom USB drive that you can personalize for your brand.

We also offer personalized packaging for your USB drives to increase the impact of the giveaway. Providing our custom USB drive to your guests are likely to drive attendance rates for your future events. Ask for a free quote today.

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Premium Advantages for Next Event

  • Customized Branding Options and Print Area
  • FREE Preloading Service
  • Custom Holder and Lanyard
  • Quick Lead Time for Urgent Event
  • Customized Capacity
  • Wholesale Discounts

More Benefits of Our Custom USB

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Business Branding Made Easy

Make attendees drive your referral rate for your next commercial event by providing MeetUSB custom USB drives as giveaways. You can get a large return on investment with flash drives that has the name and logo of your event printed or etched on the surface. Incorporating unusual shapes to your giveaway storage devices, such as business cards or wrist straps, can create an interesting talking point among your attendees. 

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Bespoke Accessories for Any Events

We can add more functionality to your MeetUSB custom USB drive with our full set of accessories from our local supply chain that are suitable for specific events. Our accessories include a standard lanyard lace to attach a storage device and ID. We also offer different keyrings, j hook, and more. Like our USB drive, our team can customize your accessories that your attendees can use during your events.

Instant One-Stop USB Drives Solutions

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