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Different pre-designed models are in stock in our factory. MeetUSB is an expert in the field of custom shape molded flash drives and also offers a selection of unique USB flash drives perfect for your logo. Minimum orders are low and can range in memory size from 128 MB all the way up to 64 GB. Our USB flash drives are shipped direct from our factory to any destination in the world. We take care of all facets of your order including logo, freight, customs, brokerage and delivery to your door. For more information call us at +86-755-89956119 or email your inquiry to support@meetUSB.com

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Value-Added Data Services

  • USB drive partitions icon
    Partition Zone

    Protect your data from deletion by setting partition zone. One is for the read-only CD-ROM zone and the other for a standard removable drive.

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  • USB flash drive auto run function icon

    Allow your preloaded data such as a presentation to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB Flash Drive it into their computer.

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  • USB drive data preloading icon
    Data Preloading

    Preload your Flash Drives with presentations, product catalogs or any other promotional materials you desire.

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  • USB flash drive encryption icon

    Encrypted flash drive that protects your sensitive data by pre-setting passwords or fingerprints.

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