Boxes, Cases, and More!

Increase the marketing exposure and impact of your promotional flash drive by custom printing packaging for the flash drive. MeetUSB offers an extensive list of available packaging options (available options are noted below). Whether your product interest is custom boxes, binders, thermoforming or stock media packaging we are capable of filling your order, and getting it ready for the end user!

  • 01 Sealable plastic poly bag
    Sealable plastic poly bag
  • 02 Zipper Bag
    Zipper Bag
  • 03 White Paper Box
    White Paper Box
  • 04 Plastic Box
    Plastic Box
  • 04 Velvet Pouch
    Velvet Pouch
  • 05 Tin Box with Window
    Tin Box with Window
  • 06 Tin Box Pen Drive
    Tin Box ( Pen Drive)
  • Blister Pack
    Blister Pack
  • Curve Wooden Box 1
    Curve Wooden Box
  • Gift Box 1
    Gift Box
  • Plastic Box Pen Drive
    Plastic Box (Pen Drive)
  • Plastic box for card USB 1
    Plastic box for card USB
  • Square Wood Box 1
    Square Wood Box
  • Tin Box Round 1
    Tin Box Round

Can't find your ideal USB packaging?
Don't worry. MeetUSB has its own integrated packaging supply chain to satisfy all your needs! Speak to our team.

  • custom-packing-4
  • custom-packing-2
  • custom-packing-3

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