Pre-Loading Data onto Your USB Flash Drive

USB Data pre-loading allows you to brand your drives not only externally with your logo, but also internally with your files. As your client is reminded of your services every time the USB is used, the chance of successful lead generation is increased. It can be standard erasable data or it can be undeletable. 1MB or 1GB capacity, the choice is yours.

USB drive data uploading

eBook Publishing

We create modern, user-friendly and attractive publications from traditional documents. Our eBook publishing service offers an interactive book interface on USB sticks for your readers to use in multiple ways. You can have your eBook user interface customized - pictures, articles, button actions, and backgrounds. All with a very realistic look and feel.

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Assign a name to the flash drive. When inserting the device, it will be recognised with the selected name instead of the generic volume, thus making it easier for the recipient to recognize it.

Customized Icon

Give yourself the option to assign a customized icon to the device, which will be displayed instead of the standard icon, thus making it easier for the recipient to recognize it.

Commitment to Confidentiality

MeetUSB places the highest importance on integrity and impartiality of its data services. We well protect your sensitive information in pre-loading files, and NDA is also available if you require.

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