Accelerate Your Timeline from Facilities to QC

Looking for an ideal OEM USB drive solutions partner? One who understands the struggles facing a variety of electronics demand and can apply the best of the best solutions to succeed? MeetUSB understands the value in getting your USB drives to market fast without sacrificing profit margin.

Partner with Our ISO Qualified Factory

MeetUSB specializes in cost-effective ISO9001-qualified embedded molding development and data solutions for clients requiring high-reliability coupled with aggressive timelines.

MeetUSB incorporates the best USB flash drive technology along with robust service solutions for OEM Manufacturing, Data Solution, Project Management, Hardware Integration, Shipping Logistics, Supply Chain Management all with an unparalleled level of global support. All of which, is integrated into Supply Chain for full transparency & to eliminate inefficiencies.

Benefit from Professional OEM Production

  • Premium Materials

    SanDisk, Samsung, HY branded storage chips and SMI, ChipsBank branded controlling system.

  • In-House Production

    Benefit cost reduction and lightning quick lead times with our local production center in Shenzhen.

  • 100% Quality Control

    We conduct a full inspection of the performance of the products. You'll receive the functional USB only.

  • Door to Door Delivery

    Each shipment is professionally packaged, labelled at door and transported straight to your destination.

OEM Manufacturing Units

SMT Process, Molding, Assembly, Testing

The capability to fulfill simple turnkey solutions based on standard USB products or high-end customized solutions that satisfy stringent requirements.

  • SMT Plant
  • Injection Molding Plant
  • Painting Plant
  • Assembly Line
  • Testing Plant
  • Capacity & Speed Test

Testings for Every Single Product

USB Aging Testing

The USB drive Aging test simulates real-time aging by constantly reading and writing to artificially speed up the aging process. Generally, the aging test (time: 2~4 hours) will pair with Read/Write Testing hourly, to check whether the USB stick can work normally after the test, without temperature abnormity.

Read/Write Testing

In Read/Write Testing, our inspector picks three random test samples, and copies files into USB drive to reach a full storage capacity. By checking the difference between the file size and the actual capacity, we can make sure every USB drive is qualified as specification, without fake 'oversize capacity'.

Instant One-Stop USB Drives Solutions

On-Time and On-Budget