Pocket-sized Promotional Tool

Students will find value with MeetUSB custom USB drives by providing them with a useful educational tool. We have USB pens†that anyone can use for taking notes or answering tests. MeetUSB also has fingerprint flash drives that secure studentís personal files.†

You can encourage natural word-of-mouth marketing by giving away USB drives with unique and useful forms with the name of your school or organization printed or engraved on the devices. Our custom USB drive is an efficient marketing tool that drives enrollments despite the size.

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Premium Advantages As Collegiate Companion

  • Teenager-Friendly Design
  • FREE artwork template
  • Production times in 1-3 days
  • Flexible Order Volume to All Sizes and Budgets
  • Beautiful customized wrapping
  • High quantity discounts

More Benefits of Our Custom USB

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Great Giveaway to Students

When it comes to academic use, MeetUSB custom USB drives can store important files such as homework, reports, and more, to help expedite the learning curve and get your custom flash drive project on the move. As a graduation gift, you can include a digital yearbook and memorable photos that your students will love to share. We also preload all files included to your custom storage device through our free data preloading service.

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Bespoke Accessories for School Promotion

We have a wide range of accessories from our trusted local supplier that is suitable for daily student use. One of the accessories we offer is a key loop that connects your studentís MeetUSB custom USB drive to their smartphones or bags.

You also have the option to customize our accessories such as incorporating your schoolís logo or name to our lanyard.

Instant One-Stop USB Drives Solutions

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