Dragon Boat Festival on the Corner


The Dragon Boat Festival is on every 5th day of the 5th month by Lunar calendar in China. This year(2020) it falls on June 25 by Solar calendar. It is one of four biggest Chinese traditional festivals.

As the name, there will be Dragon Boat Race on this day in main rivers all around china, to remember one person who lived long long ago. His name is Qu Yuan.

2298 year ago, a poet from CHU (?) named Qu Yuan jumped into a river - MI LUO River, to commit suicide, because he was too sad to see his country was taken by QIN(?), another country by then.

The local people threw rice in bamboo tube into rivers hopefully to avoid Qu Yuan being eaten by the fishes.

The tradition changed generation after generation.

On this day, we eat a special food called ZONG ZI, which is made of glutinous rice wrapped by bamboo leaf, some stuffed with fillings some not.

Quite delicious food ... to be remembered by the stomach forever...

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